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Orphan Sponsorship International was founded in 1999 by Nick Hindman, after a trip to Russia where he worked with orphans in a summer camp. Providing essential clothing and shoes to the kids, he was struck by the children's reaction, - not to the physical gift, but to the mere fact that somebody cared. From this the idea of a sponsorship program was born, as a means to provide for the child's physical needs, while also providing for their emotional need for a sense of individuality through the relationship that they develop with their sponsor. [Picture shows girls from Sri Lanka]

We've grown substantially since our first orphanage site in Russia, but are organized to maintain a very personal and informal approach to child sponsorship. OSI is divided into individual program sites, with about 50 children at each site, each site with its own dedicated OSI "liaison" who is responsible for being the full-time connection between the site children and their sponsors. Sponsors pay nothing towards site costs, as ALL child sponsor funds are dedicated to the child. The operation of our sites themselves is funded by separate, individual "Program Site Sponsors." Finally, OSI also accomodates donors to serve the larger, orphanage-wide and program-wide needs that cannot be served via individual child sponsorship.

Child Sponsorship

OSI Child sponsorship provides a channel for individuals to be personally involved in the welfare of a needy child. Sponsors communicate at will via email with their dedicated OSI site liaison and with their sponsored child. 100% of the sponsor’s funds directly and exclusively towards the welfare of the child.

Program Site Sponsorship

We believe the ability of OSI sponsors to focus their funds and attention solely on their child provides a level of intimacy in the relationship that would not otherwise be attainable. This provides a great challenge administratively, and we are dependent on Program Site Sponsors to make it work, as well as to expand our efforts further.


Donations allow us to help orphans and orphanages in capacities that individual child-sponsors cannot. Donations allow us to serve orphanage-wide needs, such as providing better living facilities, for all of the children collectively. But in our "liaison" capacity, we don't wish simply to obtain funds, but invite donors themselves to be involved and to let us know how they wish their funds to be utilized.




Hope for the Nations was established in 1994 out of a deep conviction to address the needs of the most vulnerable and exploited members of our world – children. More than a rescue operation, Hope for the Nations (HFTN) works in partnership to see “the least of these” become tomorrow’s leaders. [Picture shows Liberian boy]

HFTN engages in community development, poverty reduction and gender equity in areas where these issues intersect with children. HFTN values partnerships and international networks which efficiently and effectively serve Children at Risk in destitute situations around the world.

HFTN is a registered charity in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom and has “Special Consultative Status” with the Economic Social Council of the United Nations. It is a non-profit organization based in Kelowna, B.C., Canada.

Over the course of the years, HFTN has broadened its scope and sharpened its focus. HFTN is now engaged in community development, poverty reduction and gender equity issues in areas that affect children.

Through a system of coalition and partnerships, we have established projects in eighteen nations worldwide. HFTN is continuing to develop its relationships and international networks in order to increase the efficiency of efforts directed towards helping Children at Risk around the world.

Visit the website: HOPE FOR THE NATIONS


Children's Hope Group Photo


Children's Hope International had its roots in 1982 as an international education institute which gave assistance in adoption to its members. In 1992 we were organized as Children's Hope International/China's Children. Because we were one of the first agencies to begin adoptions in China, we were often known in the beginning as China's Children.


Of the approximately 800 placements we make each year, about half are in China and the rest are divided in Russia, Colombia Guatemala, Ethiopia and Vietnam. This wide variety of adoption programs helps ensure that adoptive families will be able to adopt successfully.


We are a full service, licensed, not-for-profit 501(C)(3) adoption and humanitarian agency, accredited by the COA and Hague pursuant. We are well organized in each country where we assist families in adopting. Our work is based on relationships that have been established for many years throughout the world. We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation which is the highest level possible for a placement agency. Children's Hope was one of the first agencies to receive Accreditation by the Russian Ministry of Education to legally place children from that country.


The CHI home office is in St. Louis, Missouri (pictured above) with Offices in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Kansas City, Chicago, Texas, Tennessee, New York, Florida, California, Colorado, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota and New England.


We also have international offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, China: Moscow [plus eight (8) other regions in Russia], Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with representatives in Colombia and India. We understand the importance of having well trained, caring and bi-lingual staff in each country who will assist in processing the paperwork and especially, to meet and accompany the adoptive families the entire time they are in the country. We recognize the need and the complexity of adopting internationally. Our programs include bi-lingual staff that understands the legalities and nuances of the culture with a link to problems and procedure in the U.S. The staff has been chosen because of their competence and caring. They are people of integrity and trust!

We realize that this visit to our website will not be able to answer all of your questions. That is why we encourage you to e-mail or call us with your questions. Email Gloria.Akers@ChildrensHope.net who handles all new inquiries. Or call 314.890.0086. Tell her what state you are in and ask for the CHI office nearest you.

Please see the 'CONTACTS' page on this website to talk to any of the Program Coordinators. They will all be happy to answer any questions you might have about their program.

Visit our website: CHILDREN’S HOPE



International Aid Serving Kids (IASK) is a volunteer organization for child advocacy and humanitarian aid. IASK was founded during 2002 with the belief that one person can make a difference in the world. Based in Orem, Utah, we work with families, volunteers, and a variety of partners to support international orphaned and abandoned children in need of shelter, food, education, clothing, or health care.

We manage our resources, assets, and donations to assure that every donation is used to fulfill our mission. Our financial statements and accounting practices are available to the public. Our Board of Trustees and Executive Committee comprise volunteers with finance, accounting, business, and medical backgrounds.


Our mission is to improve the living conditions of orphans and abandoned children around the world by working with our members and other organizations to find loving homes for these children and to reduce the cause for abandonment through providing education and job training.


To make a difference in the lives of more children, we hope to generate increased donations and maximize sponsorship through program expansion.






There are 300-400 million child-slaves in the world; millions of war-victim children; and starving, sick, abused and abandoned little victims everywhere!

Through ORPHANS FIRST, we can change children's lives—one by one!

[Picture shows Tanya and Polina in Minsk, Belarus, enjoying a special treat of fresh fruit]

ORPHANS FIRST is a ministry expressing God's heart to hurting children. Through the vital participation of the local church, we can meet the children's desperate physical needs, and also their spiritual and emotional needs. Through the teaching of God's Word, these little ones who thought they were last learn that through Christ they are first (Mt.19:30) The fatherless learn they have a Father (Ps.68:5). And abandoned children learn they have a family (Ps.68:6). ORPHANS FIRST—expressing God's heart to hurting children to help them become:

* HAPPY as they receive Jesus' love manifest through His church.
* HEALTHY as they receive food, education and shelter.
* HOPEFUL as they learn about God's grace through His Word.
* HELPFUL as they learn to serve God and to tell others about Him.

ORPHANS FIRST – changing children's lives through Christ.

* Our vision: to help suffering children everywhere, by God's grace.
* Our goal: to partner with the local church to help hurting children.
* Our policy: to nurture children in the Lord through a family atmosphere.

Practically speaking, we need your prayers and financial support! WON'T YOU HELP A SUFFERING CHILD TODAY? ORPHANS FIRST helps hurting children in: Asia, Africa, America, Europe. Join us in impacting the lives of suffering children in many countries, in many ways. Every child and every country concerns ORPHANS FIRST.

Please consider partnering with ORPHANS FIRST and helping the needy children.

[Orphans First Good News, March 2007]

I leave for Africa mid-March (I may even be there when you receive this letter). I covet your prayers for this timely visit to four countries-mostly French-speaking. I will be working with street children, orphans and teaching women while my husband trains leaders and pastors. We both hope to encourage local African churches to care for the needy children around them, of which there are millions.

Africa still harbors thousands of child-slaves and exploited orphans and is known for its brutality towards children . Poverty is rampant and many children are deprived not just of food but also of an education, and even parents. Please pray for God's guidance and protection during our visit, and for our contact with government officials in certain countries. Pray that we reach many needy children, perhaps starting new children's ministries and Christian orphanages.


As well as supporting our orphanages and children's ministries in several countries, we would also like to regularly provide funds for street children in Haiti where we have previously sent donations and provided for the Christmas Project in Port-au-Prince. Please pray with us for God's wisdom, direction and provision for this and other projects stirring in our heart.

Visit the website: ORPHANS FIRST